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Socializing 101 (avoiding compatriots)

I haven’t tried to find other french people since I landed in Garcia Marquez’ land. I left France to meet other people, not to get stuck in a group talking (complaining?) about the next transport’s strike or how our new president is dealing … Continue reading

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Emigrant with an undefined contract

It’s been around a month that I’m back in France and it’s time to dust myself off, jump on my keyboard and write again. It’s funny to see that, even when you have plenty of time to write, you just can’t … Continue reading

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To Megatherion

25 years already. 25 years that Therion (a Swedish symphonic metal band) is touring all around the world and guess who set Bogotá’s Royal Theatre on fire the 7th of June 2012? Guess who’s been there? I met Snowy Shaw, one of the singers -the … Continue reading

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Bogotá, que chevere!

Although it’s easy to find a detailed description of Bogotá on the Interne (thanks Wikipedia), I thought it would be nicer to give you my feeling about it. Everyone has his/her own feelings when arriving in a new country and to be … Continue reading

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Bienvenido a Colombia!

May, 10th of 2012: I’m back in Bogotá.  I’ve been backpacking through Colombia between February and April 2012 and I’ve now decided to settle in. Why Colombia? There is no explanation, just an intuition. I’ve been dreaming about Colombia long before … Continue reading

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