Emigrant with an undefined contract

It’s been around a month that I’m back in France and it’s time to dust myself off, jump on my keyboard and write again.

It’s funny to see that, even when you have plenty of time to write, you just can’t do it. Lack of inspiration? No Sir. Out of laziness? Well, yeah, maybe… a little. But most importantly, I wanted to live every day at the fullest during those months, so writing about my adventure didn’t appear to me as the right thing to do back then. Because I was still living it.

Now I’m in France, at my parent’s, comfortably sitting at my desk with a hot tea, I feel the urge to write about all those memories I’ve collected during the months I lived in Colombia. “Only 6 months?” yes, I can hear some thoughts already… did I inherit special powers from the Indigenous of the Amazon? No, I haven’t been there yet (it’s on my “to-do” list though, and I still have to work on my insects’ phobia). And although I’m a huge fan of “True Blood” tv show, I still don’t have any major psychic skills but I’m working on it, could be nice to put on your resume right?


Anyway,6 months, intense, challenging, crazy, rewarding. And I loved it. Strong friendships, lovely encounters but also moments full of doubt, uncertainty and suspicion.  When you’re a foreigner in another country, especially a country so different from your own culture, beliefs and way of life, it could be quite disturbing to try and settle there and above all, to fit in. How to survive when you don’t speak the language, when you understand people but words are missing to express yourself without misunderstanding, when you don’t have a job and don’t know how you will be able to pay the 1450 pesos to take the bus back home, which is not really “your” home, the next day?
The answer: be confident, just go with the flow.

I was a trainee expat, an emigrant with an undefined contract, that’s what I was in Bogota for a few months. I haven’t regretted a bit of it.

IMAG0156 IMAG0161 IMAG0160

Arriving at El Dorado Airport. Feels like home already!

Arriving at El Dorado Airport. Feels like home already.

About Amertine

35, living in Paris. Heart divided between France and Colombia. Shivers at the sound of flamenco and salsa. Loves bluegrass music and completely at ease with it. Passionate about plants, natural and ancestral medicines and knowledge. Lives with Endometriosis.
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