Que Pasa Colombia in English!

Hi all!

The great web documentary on the new Colombian music Que Pasa Colombia is now available in English, so be sure to check it out!

If you have seen one of the bands live, please leave comments and feedbacks, it would be nice to share more musical stuff!


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When We Were Very Young

When We Were Very Young: a beautiful and touching story for Christmas time, writing by Robert Lee.

Check his website out for more stories: Two Pages A Week.

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Summer break.

I have to confess, I’ve been a bad blogger. Not that I have forgotten about Colombia: actually, I’ve found myself closer to it than I’ve ever been in a very unexpected way. By enjoying the Parisian life during summertime. Sounds weird huh? Well, gather ’round people, today’s Sunday and the perfect time for a story.

Along the Seine in Paris.

Along the Seine in Paris.

So investigating has been my main hobby since a year and a half and I should probably register myself as a French version of Sherlock Holmes now, no offense to Sir Conan Doyle, but how about a female detective in heels, drinking red wine, living in St Germain-des-Prés? Sounds nice, isn’t it? I’ve already talked about identity and how to deal with culture shock on a previous post,  so it seemed obvious to hit the pavement and find an answer to all that beautiful mess. I kind of did on the 20th of July, during Colombia Independence Day: I certainly won’t forget dancing salsa on a basketball court by 35 degrees or eating a 5 euro arepa with cheese, but that’s another story…

Salsa show during Colombia Independence Day.

Salsa show during Colombia Independence Day.

Anyway the answer was there, among all those Colombians who came to celebrate their country’s independence by sharing a bit of their culture. One may feel like a stranger in his/her own country or even after living in a different land for 10 years or so, yet, connecting with others is the key. It’s amazing how seeing your country through someone else’s eyes, sharing stories and bits of lives can soothe the heart. And Paris is not a bad place to figure it out! A friend told me: “It felt like home for a day”: it really did. I’m glad I was able to celebrate with them as I also felt at home, in a strange way.

Someone very dear asked me a question lately and I was surprised to already know the answer.

“Are you comfortable now, where you are?”.

I can say I am. Actualy, I fell I can be comfy no matter where I am, up to the point I even quit wearing tights with skirts by 35°. That’s the bad-ass chick talking.

Anyway, this Colombian journey is taking a brand new direction: a new job coming up, another skill to add to my character’s sheet, my circle of friends changing slowly with new faces showing up, other ones fading away and who knows, maybe a new flat in the City of Lights in a few months. Considering the rentals, it might not be in St Germain though. Oh well, I can kiss my glamour detective style goodbye. My goal hasn’t changed a bit, I only swapped my magnifying glass for a panoramic view. Now I bid you adieu and I’m going to pour myself a glass of Bordeaux and call it a night. Who said you can’t be stylish in pyjamas! Hasta la proxima! 

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My Colombian Voyage en français

For those of you who can read French (or for those who just want to show off at little bit at work checking a French website “parce que vous le valez bien”!) here’s the link to my other blog:

Una chica francesa en Colombia

Feel free to leave comments, questions, share ideas, thoughts, do whatever you want to do, I’d love to hear from you guys. See you around et à bientôt!


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Wanted/ missing.

So it’s been 8 months and 10 days that I left Colombia. 8 months and 10 days I’ve been missing it. 8 months and 10 days I’ve been feeling it more than alive in me. It’s amazing how falling in love with a country can change you, like if you’ve switched  identity without even noticing it.

So I made up a quick test, you know the kind of “love quizz” you can  find in all women’s magazines. I just changed the potential boyfriend into a country, so here we go:

When you think about Colombia…

  1. Are you bouncing between euphoria, increased energy, sleeplessness, racing heart, loss of appetite? YES. Every time. Though I haven’t lost my appetite at all, I’m always craving for Colombian food and seeking continuously arroz con coco, bandeja paisa, arepas y platanos. I am probably developing some kind of eating pathology here…
  2. Are you obsessed with finding places that remind you of the country? (Hell) YES.
  3. Do you often daydream about being there? Every single second since 8 months and 10 days. YES.

Big, crazy and unconditional. LOVE. The weirdest thing when I meet people from Latin America or Spain, is the typical conversation:

Hola! De donde eres? (Hi, where are you from?). Soy francesa. (I’m French). No te creo, pareces latina. (Seriously? I don’t believe you, you look like a latina).

Mmm, interesting. Does the fact of having an Andalusian grandmother, long black hair, loving cumbia and Arepas and becoming crazy when I hear a few notes of salsa count?  I could also add than spending hours on a buseta is (relatively) much more fun that being stuck in Paris on a suburbean train without knowing WTF is going on (oh yeah, the wind has changed direction, sorry guys).

So what makes me French then? My mother tongue, my love of French gastronomy? My epicurean side or the idealist one? I really am not sure anymore.


So, hello everyone, I am 31 and I’m a Colombia-addict. No cure needed thanks. I’m just trying harder each day to find my landmarks again, I must have left them somewhere in a flight between Paris and Bogotá. Remember Jason Bourne’s crisis? It is just the same, without all the muscles and different visas though. I checked the name on my passport and it’s still the same as the one on my ID, so far so good…  Lately I randomly met a Colombian girl from Bogotá with the same family name, who spoke French and who has a cousin with the same name too. Pretty weird isn’t it?

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