Que Pasa Colombia!

Two weeks ago as I was craving for new tunes to feed my ears, a friend of mine sent me a link to a new web documentary’s trailer that looked interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was made by two franchutes, who decided to go and investigate Colombia and those who now form the new music scene. Well actually I was not THAT surprised: there is definitely a special bond between France and Colombia, a huge, crazy and passionate love story between our countries and here’s another beautiful example.

(Photo courtesy of QUE PASA COLOMBIA)

(Photo courtesy of QUE PASA COLOMBIA)

Entonces… *Que Pasa Colombia review the Colombian music industry and its recent evolution: from Barranquilla to Bogotá, Medellin to Cali and all the way to Europe, it gives an interesting view of what makes the new Colombian music so special and powerful, mixing traditional South-American sounds and occidental beats. I have discovered crazy bands like Frente Cumbiero and Puerto Candelaria to name a few: really worth listening for every music lovers out there!

Now sit and relax, make yourself a nice and warm cup of coffee (if it’s Colombian brewed, better!) and enjoy. Que tengan un lindo día lleno de música y de buena onda de Colombia!

*At the moment, the documentary is only available in Spanish with French subtitles but they are currently working on an English version, so stay tuned! You won’t be sorry.


About Amertine

35, living in Paris. Heart divided between France and Colombia. Shivers at the sound of flamenco and salsa. Loves bluegrass music and completely at ease with it. Passionate about plants, natural and ancestral medicines and knowledge. Lives with Endometriosis.
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3 Responses to Que Pasa Colombia!

  1. Olivier says:

    Thanks for the article.
    I May add that we are working on english subtitles ! 😉

  2. Amertine says:

    No worries Olivier, you’ve done a really good job here. And I’ve also added the info on the upcoming English version 🙂

  3. Many thanks for your great article, hope other people will enjoy as we did doing it!

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