Con sabor latina

For all you dance lovers out there, this post is tailor-made for you! I can hear hearts bumping and  hips furiously shaking. I already told you a bit about the side effects of dancing in a previous entry (I like to warn people about how addicted you can become after just one try), I wanted to introduce you to the team of Elegua Dance, formed by Colombian teachers and dance lovers with whom I spent 3 months of pure craziness:

Right. Now you can easily understand the need to find places and people sharing the same interest but, you’ve got to be prepared. Do you really think you can stop the salsa effect like that? Truth is, there’s no rehab for that. Back in France, I had to go to Confession: I had sinned for I haven’t danced for 6 months. Sometimes I fear I have a tendency of changing myself into a cave bear, minus the hair thank you very much.

Last Sunday, it was meant to happen: I went to a salsa event in Paris called Le Village Latino: after 7 hours of dancing on Colombian and Cuban rhythms while having Mojitos (keep you hydrated, that’s the key), I felt amazing and incredibly happy even with my hair glued all over my face. Fortunately I was wearing braids, which made a guy think I was peruvian… I didn’t know Peruvians were so pale. Obviously, too much Rhum can lead to serious hallucinogen effects.  For a couple of hours, I was back to South America: salsa finally saved my soul.

Once more with feeling!

About Amertine

35, living in Paris. Heart divided between France and Colombia. Shivers at the sound of flamenco and salsa. Loves bluegrass music and completely at ease with it. Passionate about plants, natural and ancestral medicines and knowledge. Lives with Endometriosis.
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